About Us

  • Why? : Because we live here.
  • Who are you? : I’m Stephane Venne ( ). I’ve been living in the area since 2005 and the neighbourhood still feel new to me. I’ve been taking a lot of photography in it and I totally love the area.
  • But why this website? : I’m sure that there is others website about the area that I’m totally ignorant about, but I feel that the ones I know are more “Plateau” centric and I feel they are not open?
  • Why do you mean open? : I mean that if you are organizing or that you want to “PLUG” your shop, service, activity you will actually be welcome to talk about it here for free!!
  • Free? aren’t this site costing money? : Yes, it does cost money, so far I’m fronting it because it’s bandwidth we have already. I’ll put a limited amount of advertising when needed, but it will limited.
  • Aren’t you going to sell my information? : Absolutely not! I wouldn’t do for the world. I just want a website dedicated about the mile end. The information that people well see  about you is the want that you actually want to share on your profile and what you could write in the forum etc.
  • So I can write stuff about my shop? : You are actually invited and welcome to do so. I also plan to visit places and take picture and write blog post about it, but if you invite me, it’s even better 🙂
  • I’m not really from the area, can I promote my product too? NO! I’m not closed to stuff close to the mile end, but anything else will be considered as spam and threaded as such (this mean not only erased or being reject but also reported to the different anti-spam initiatives on the internet, automatic anti-spam mechanism are already in place and will be improved over the time )




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